Armenian Family Research Service

Initial Information Research

Initial Information ResearchThis is an initial ge-
nealogical research, which will provide you with basic infor-
mation about the person or a family you are searching for.

Surname Research

Surname ResearchHave you ever thought where your family name came from? Learn many interesting facts about your Surname, its stories and legends, the famous people and the origins of your family name.

Nobility Research

Nobility ResearchProve your aristocracy!
Let us gather
all the facts
and documents that affirm your noble roots and will certify your nobility.

Handwriting Analyzes

Handwriting AnalyzesIdentify the sig-
natures on the old documents, reveal the meanings of the hard to read text and the psychological portrait of the creator using our hand-
writing analyze service.

Photo Identification And Recovery

Photo Identification And RecoveryRecover your old photos and identify the people on them using our forensic photo expertise service.

Audio & Video Identification

Audio & Video Identification And RecoveryExamine your audio/video ma-
terials, identify
the people on them and recover old recordings using our audio & video forensic expertise service.

Documental Expertise

Documental ExpertiseUse our docu-
mental expertise service to examine and recover the stamps, seals and crests on the papers, detect the type of the ink/paper and the document creation methods.

Custom Research

Custom ResearchIf you could't find the genealogical research package you need, order our custom re-
search service.

The time has come to unearth all the family relics, reveal the famous ancestors and collect your family stories and legends...

You have surely tried to dig your grand-grand parents' old chest to go back and find some facts in your family history, but there is still much more to reveal, if you know where else you may look for screened hints.

This is what the genealogical research is for...

Professional genealogical research varies from other kind of researches as it results with comprehensive matched information from all the available sources with the quotations from the original documentation.

Why else should I order a researcher's service?

When you are far from the place where your origins come from or you have not enough time to spend going through all the possible archive materials, ordering a local family research service will save your time and money.

Our team of experienced genealogists will help you to complete your family research, as they know exactly in which databases and libraries they can find the stories connected to your family.

Use our research packages listed above to order your genealogical research or you can drop us a note on and we will make you a customized research offer.