Armenian Family Tree Builder

Make the first step in preserving your family’s existing archives and link all its parts together in one structured online place. Share the family namespace with your relatives and join efforts in expanding your family tree.

How to start?

1. Just begin from yourself

Fill all the information you know about yourself and your parents in the fields on the right, and then continue filling the rest of the people of your family.

Attention: Put all the names and dates in accuracy to avoid misspellings and search errors.

2. Take out all the old documents and photos

Stand up now of the chair; go find your family's old papers & photos and start securely documenting all your family facts.

Note: Any data in the family tree is considered as a proven fact if it has a documental approval.

Security Check

If you are already a member, use the sign in form at the top of the page to access your family tree.

3. Involve your relatives

Of course, it is impossible to create a complete picture of your tree without the help of your relatives. Take the phone in hands and become acquainted with all your folks or easily invite them to your online tree.

4. Give it to professionals

You tried to dig every part of your family history and still there are missing some important parts or you have no results at all? Give it to professionals and we will explore for you the undiscovered parts of your family history.

Note: You can contact us on or +374.93.246.009 for a free consultation.