About Armenian Family Tree Project

The huge gap in the history of Armenians and almost in each Armenian family came forward as a result of Armenian genocide in 1915. With the hand of cruel fate many people lost their families and the track of their way back…

Armenian Family Tree Project is our answer to our ancestors who struggled for centuries to preserve and pass the history of our families and the whole nation from generation to generation.

Looking back to the history, we can see how they managed to survive and protect their family’s history.

Nowadays, in the century of information and communication, many of us are still unaware of their origins.

We are here to help you explore and share your family history and become a part of Armenian Genealogical Community.

Our team of professional historian-genealogists will perform all the required excavations to gather your complete lineage History.

Hayk Ghazaryan and Lilit Makaryan
Founders of Armenian Family Tree Project